Checklist for foreign subsidiaries / wholly owner subsidiary in India

All you require to register a foreign subsidiary company in India. All the documents should be in English or converted into English. The documents should also be notarized and apostilled in the home country:

Information Required:

  • Required name of the proposed company
  • Activities the company will undertake in India. For example a – To develop and provide IT consultancy services.
  • Share Capital that you want to have for the Indian Company. – There is no minimum requirement for the same. You can start the company with as low as 10 USD.
  • Details of 2 shareholders of the proposed company. – Minimum 2 shareholders are required. The parent company can own 99.99% shares and another share can be held by any foreign individual or foreign company.
  • Details of 2 Directors. Of that at least 1 should be Indian resident.

Documents required:

Documents from the parent company:

  • Certificate of registration with name and address mentioned in it
  • Board resolution by the foreign company authorising one of its directors to sign all the documents and register a company in India.

Documents from the proposed directors/ representative shareholders

  • Passport copy
  • Address proof that can a any utility bill or bank statement or credit card statement having name and address.
  • Scanned copy of a photograph
  • Email ID
  • Mobile number

Documents which we will prepare and send for your signatures. These documents are also to be notarized and apostilled:

Documents needed from India Director/Shareholder:

  • Pan and Aadhar
  • Banks statement or Mobile bill or credit card bill
  • Email ID, Photo and Mobile Number 

What documents will you get after company is registered:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • MOA and AOA
  • Fees paid Challans
  • Digital Signature
  • Draft of first board resolution required to open the bank account

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