Subsidiary Company Registration in India

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Requirements and facts about company registration in India

India’s company registration process is guided by the Companies Act, 2013. This act lays out the full details of what’s required pre-incorporation, post-incorporation and other details. Below are few important requirements. Let’s take a proper look at the different essential bits.

Company Name

Your new business needs a name. Your name can’t be the similar as another existing business’s name or trademark. There are many restrictions on name registration unlike other countries


The parent company can be a 100% shareholder or any 2 foreign nationals can be the shareholder. Its not necessary to have a Indian resident as shareholder


Unlike other countries there is no requirement of minimum capital in India. We suggest companies to keep a capital of atleast USD 5000


Minimum 2 directors are mandatory. On that atleast 1 director should be a Indian resident. We can provide you with nominee directorship services

Registered Address

A Registered address is the address of your company. It’s what goes into India’s official government records. Under the Company Ordinance, every company must have a registered address in India. We can provide you with virtual office address.

Annual General Meeting

According to the Companies Ordinance, every company in India must hold at least one general meeting per year. It should also hold 2 board meetings.

Company Secretary

It’s mandatory to file 3 secretarial returns every year. They are filed by company secretary and we assist you with the same. A statutory auditor is also appointed


The professional fees including government fees for company registration is USD 1400. Once you are incorporated you have to pay tax on profit @ 25.36%. Also GST is applicable on domestic sales. GST returns are monthly and 1 annual tax return.

Annual Complinces

India is a bit unusual when it comes to compliances. Statutory Audit is mandatory even for smallest of the companies. A statutory auditor needs to be appointed and an annual filing every year is mandatory.

Steps, documents and all the details about registering a subsidiary in India