Annual Compliance Package for a private Limited company

Manage all the compliance’s of your company with one point of contact. All our packages come with transparent
pricing so that you can budget and plan. No penalty or interest payment is our guarantee. The below package is applicable only for Service Companies with Indian shareholders and turnover upto Rs 20 lakhs.

Market Price : Rs 35000
Our Price : Rs 19999
You Save : Rs 15001


Services important for growing

The main object is to grow your business, raise funds, hire good employees. Our expert team of lawyers can help you draft important legal agreements and you save 60% with us. The services which we offer are:

Founders Agreement

Important when raising funds

Project Report

Necessary to apply for loan and raise finance


Important to retain employees

Due Deligence

Important when rasing funds

Intellectual Property

Trademark registration, Patent application, Copyright


Why is it necessary to be 100% compliant?

Penalties and fines

If you are non-compliant you will end up paying 10 times more than the normal charges.

Prosecution for directors

If the returns are not filed on time the directors may be disqualified and even prosecuted.

Raising Funds

The first thing investors check is the compliances. If the company is 100% legally compliant then only you will be able to raise investments

Bank Loan

If you are planning to raise loan from banks or any other financial institutions then its mandatory to be 100% compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Secretarial Filings, Statutory Audit and Income Tax Return are mandatory even if you have zero revenues

Yes Statutory Audit, Secretarial Compliance’s and Income Tax return are mandatory.

For service provider – If your turnover is above 20 Lakhs/annum

For trader or manufacturer – If your turnover is above 40 lakhs/annum

When you make a payment towards salary, rent or professional fees then its mandatory to deduct tax and then make the payment. This is called TDS and its mandatory.

Annual compliances are mandatory irrespective of the size and turnover of the company. The non-compliance would result in

  • Very high penalties
  • Prosecution
  • Bank and investors won’t fund
  • Disqualification as a director

Secretarial Compliances:

MGT 7, AOC 4 and ADT1

These are to be submitted every year irrespective of turnover. This has to be submitted by 31st SeptemberMANDATORY
Income tax ReturnEvery company has to file a income tax return by August 30th even if there are no transactions in the company
Statutory Audit under Companies Act 2013Every company has to get the books audited every year irrespective of its turnover
GST returnsIf the company has GST registration, it has to file 3 GST returns every month by 10th of the next month

Depends on the turnover

TDS ReturnsIf you are paying salaries or rent or fees to any professional then TDS is to be deducted before making the payment. The TDS deducted should paid to the government every month
PF, Esic, ProfessionalThese depend on the number of employees you company has.

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