Drafting ESOP scheme, Investor Due Diligence, Preparing Pitch Deck, Valuation Report,
Assisting in Private Placement is all you need when raising funds

The ultimate goal of any business is to grow 10x, 20x or 100x and finally list of stock exchange. We can assist startups when raising funds and all the important agreements that investors demand. We offer following services

Fund RaiseLegal AgreementsStartup India RegistrationOther Services

Convertible Notes, CCD, Equity Shares and Preference Shares

We assist you with issuance of all the above instruments to Indian as well as foreign investors

ESOP Policy

We assist you with drafting ESOP policy and ESOP agreements

Startup India

We assist you with registering on Startup India portal. The charges start from INR 10,000 for application

Due Diligence Assistance

We assist you during the due diligence undertaken by the investors

Merchant Banker Valuation Report

We assist you with preparing the merchant banker valuation report. The charges start from INR 60,000

Founders Agreement

We assist you with drafting ESOP agreements and implementing ESOP strategy.

Angle Tax exemption

If you are registered as startup then you can claim exemption from angel tax and we assist you with the same.

Project report for Bank

We assist you with preparing project report required for bank loan and investors

Other Services

Our team of chartered accountants and company secretaries make sure that your company is 100% legally compliant. You save 60% with us when you avail our annual compliance packages

Private Limited Company

Monthly book keeping service

Tax Filing

Income tax, GST and TDS


Salary structuring, Pay slips and form 16

Secretarial Compliances

AOC 4, MGT 7, ADT 1 and event based compliances

Statutory Audit

Statutory audit by chartered accountant


Founders Agreement

Document Overview

Getting together with a friend and starting a new venture is the most exciting time in any entrepreneur’s life. However, Co-Founders are often so busy building and running their new business that they skip a hugely important step, the Co-founder Agreement. A Co-founder Agreement is a contract between Co-Founders setting out the ownership, initial investments and responsibilities of each Co-Founder. This agreement also safeguards you in the case of a dispute, as it can provide protection to show what the co-founder agreed too.

Who should use shareholders agreement?

You are a co-founder and would like to clearly set out the equity participation in your new business.

What does the Shareholders Agreement cover?

Shareholders Agreement

Document Overview

A Shareholders Agreement will help set the terma and conditions between shareholders and the founders of your company. Although founders and shareholders are in good terms now, sometimes running a company will put a strain on that relationship. A Shareholders Agreement helps protect your interests in these situations. If disagreements arise, it can be very helpful to have a clear idea of what the parties agreed to before the dispute, or before something changes one shareholder’s ability to continue working in the company.

Note: This Shareholders Agreement does not contain vesting provisions for each of the shareholders. For vesting provisions use our Quick Quote feature.

Who should use shareholders agreement?

You would like to lay down the rules between the shareholders of your company.

What does the Shareholders Agreement cover?

Term Sheet

Document Overview

This Term Sheet is used, to establish the general terms of an investor coming on board in your business. It sets out the proposed terms including capitalisation, financing terms like liquidation preferences and anti-dilution, and key provisions to be included in the shareholders and subscription agreements, before you proceed to the full agreement. While the clauses binding the Term Sheet (i.e. confidentiality, exclusivity, enforceability and costs) are legally binding, the negotiated terms are not. This Term Sheet is intended to be used as a precursor agreement to a Shareholders Agreement.

Use this Term Sheet if?

You are preparing for Seed Round investment and would like to set out the negotiated terms to an investor to join your business.

Why do I need a Term Sheet?

If you are launching your seed investment round and looking at investors coming on board to join your business, a Term Sheet is a great document as a pre-cursor to a Shareholders Agreement. It sets out the negotiated terms and clearly states the intention of both parties to enter into a legally binding agreement in the near future.

What does the Term Sheet cover?

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