One Person Company Registration

One Person Company can be registered in 5-7 working days. The cost to register a OPC is Rs 7500


Government Fees
1 DSC, 1 DIN, MOA, AOA, CIN, PAN and TAN ​
Employment Agreement, Privacy Policy, Website Terms & Conditions​
GST Registration​
Rs 2500
Trademark Registration
Rs 7500/annum


Government Fees
Employment Agreement, Privacy Policy, Website Terms & Conditions​
GST Registration
  Rs 7500/annum


Government Fees
Employment Agreement, Privacy Policy, Website Terms & Conditions​
GST Registration
Trademark Registration

What is one-person company?

One person company is a Private Limited Company but with 1 shareholder.

It is a more legalized and credible structure of a proprietorship. It has all the features of Private limited company but requires only 1 shareholder. More details of one person company can be found here.

What are the minimum requirement for OPC registration?

  1. Only 1 shareholder
    2) Minimum 1 Director
  2. A Nominee whose age is more than 18 years and is not a director in any other OPC.
advantages of one person company registration

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a OPC?

The advantages of registering a OPC are:

  1. Limited Liability
  2. Only 1 shareholder and director needed
  3. Completely online

Disadvantages of OPC are:

1) Cannot be converted into Private limited company for 2 years
2) Cannot raise funds
3) Compliance cost is almost same as Private Limited Company

What are the documents required to register a One Person Company?

The documents required for company registration are as follows

The documents required from the director and nominee are:

  1. Pan Card
  2. Aadhar card/Passport/ License
  3. Bank Statement/ Mobile Bill / Utility Bill having address

Documents required of the proposed registered address are as follows

  1. Electricity bill/Other Utility Bill of the proposed registered address
  2. NOC or rent agreement from the owner of the premises
    Even if the director is owner of the property NOC is needed from him
documents required for company registration
steps to register a company

What are the steps to register a OPC?

The steps/procedure to register a One Person Company are

Step 1: Applying for DSC (digital signature)

This is required to sign and submit the form online. It is also used to sign and upload the income tax returns and annual returns of the One Person Company. The digital signature is in a pen drive and can be obtained from vendors like E Mudhra or Sify.

Step 2: Submission of SPICE, SPICE 33 and SPICE 34

Preparation of MOA and AOA are the most important part in this step. This is a final application form and government has merged Name Approval, DIN Application, PAN and TAN application in this one simple form. We also submit the MOA and AOA of the One Person Company. Once this form is approved the government issues the Certificate of incorporation and MCA receipts which then can be used for opening a bank account.

One Person Company registration can be completed in 10 working days and is a completely online process

What s the process to register a OPC?

Please send the scanned copy of below mentioned documents to our mail ID
You can also call us on 9960140006
Once you send us the documents a manager will reply you with any further requirements.

The company gets incorporated in 10-12
working days.

What are the steps after OPC is registered?

The steps after OPC registration are:

  1. Open bank account within 30 days
  2. Deposit Share Capital money within
    30 days
  3. File commencement certificate within
    180 days
  4. Issue Share certificates – within 60 days
  5. Appoint Auditor within 30 days

How many days does it take to register a OPC?

One Person Company registration process can be completed in 10-14 working days as follows

  1. Preparation of documents – 2 days
  2. DSC Application – 1 Day
  3. Name Approval through RUN – 1 days
  4. Filing of form – 2 days
  5. Approval – 4 days

What’s included in package?

One Person Company registration package includes

Digital signature

 Name Approval

MOA , AOA and

Frequently Asked Questions

Only 1 director and shareholder can register a One Person Company

No only Indian residents can register a OPC

Yes One Person Company can be registered at residential or commercial address. You need to have a electricity bill and the NOC of the owner.
The One Person Company cannot be registered at the virtual address

Yes anyone can a be a director in the One Person Company if he meets the following conditions:

  1. Age should be more than 18 years
  2. Not criminally prosecuted
  3. Of sane mind
  4. Not bankrupt

The minimum capital can be Rs 1 as well. The authorized capital should be minimum Rs 1 lakh.

Please refer our blog on this here. But the basic rules to select a name are:

  1. It should be unique
  2. There should be no trademark registered of the given name
  3. It should have a prefix and activity word
  4. It should not have words like finance, minister etc
  5. For words like Global, Corporation, World the capital should be more that 25 lakhs

The income tax rate of the One Person Company is 25% plus cess. The dividend distribution tax is also applicable for a One Person Company.

As per the government rules you can be a director even if you are a employee.
But you need to check your employment agreement to see if your Company policy allows you to be a director.

The minimum cost to maintain a One Person Company even if it does not have any revenue is as follows:
Statutory Audit – Rs 12000
ROC Filing – Rs 7000
Income Tax Return – Rs 4000
The other compliances like GST returns, PT returns, Director KYC will be charged extra.

The government fees for One Person Company registration is as follows:
Name Approval – Rs 1000
Stamp Duty – Rs 1500
Pan and Tan – Rs 160
Digital Signature – Rs 2000

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