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Process, Documents and cost for copyright registration

What is copyright?

Copyright protects the right of creators of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and producers of cinematography films and sound recordings. It gives the rights including, inter alias, rights of reproduction, communication to the public, adaptation and translation of the work.

Copyright ensures certain minimum safeguards of the rights of authors over their creations, thereby protecting and rewarding creativity. The protection provided by copyright to the efforts of writers, artists, designers, dramatists, musicians, architects and producers of sound recordings, cinematograph films and computer software, creates an atmosphere conducive to creativity, which induces them to create more and motivates others to create.

For example the script of movie “Avengers” is copywrited in India and no one can copy the similar script. The content of the book 5.Someone is also copywrited by Chetan Bhagat and that is the reason there was a legal controversy for the Movie 3 Idiots.

Copyright registration helps you protect your artistic work in India. Copyright registration will help you to protect your brand scripts, songs, paintings

Documents Required


1) PAN of applicant

2) Power of attorney in our name to apply copyright

3) Nature of business for which copyright to be applied

Time2 Days
Cost for application (including government fees)Rs 16000

What is the procedure to register a copyright?

  1. Application for registration is to be made on Form XIV ( Including Statement of Particulars and Statement of Further Particulars) as prescribed in the first schedule to the Rules ;
  2. Separate applications should be made for registration of each work;
  3. Each application should be accompanied by the requisite fee prescribed in the second schedule to the Rules ;
  4. The applications should be signed by the applicant. The Power of Attorney signed by the party and accepted by the advocate should also be enclosed, if applicable.

What is the government fees to register a trademark?

Please go to the link fee details on the Home Page for details. One can pay fee in favour of ‘Registrar of Copyrights’ payable at ‘new Delhi’. The fee is not reimbursable in case of rejection of the application.

Can a website be copyrighted?

A website may be understood as a webpage or set of interconnected webpages, hosted or stored on a server, and is made available online to members of public. Users can access the information and other underlying work on a website through various means such as scrolling webpages, using internal hypertext links or a search feature.

Website usually consists of different rudiments which may be copyrightable subject matter that falls within any one of the classes of works set forth in Section 13 of Copyright Act, 1957. The component parts of website can be in different form of digital files such as text, tables, computer programmes, compilations including computer databases (“literary works”); photographs, paintings, diagram, map, chart or plan (“artistic works”); works consisting of music and including graphical notation of such work (“musical works”); “sound recordings” and “cinematograph films”.

Website as a whole is not subject to copyright protection. Generally, non-copyrightable content particular to websites may include but are not limited to ideas or future plans of websites, functional elements of websites, un claimable material, layout and format or ‘look and feel’ of a website or its webpage; or other common, unoriginal material such as names, icons or familiar symbols. Applicant is required to submit a separate application for each component work/content appearing on a website.

Can a computer program or computer software be registered?

Yes. Computer Software or programme can be registered as a ‘literary work’. As per Section 2 (o) of the Copyright Act, 1957 “literary work” includes computer programmes, tables and compilations, including computer databases. ‘Source Code’ and “Object Code” have also to be supplied along with the application for registration of copyright for software products.

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process to register a llp

How much time does it take to register a copyright?

After you file your application and receive diary number you have to wait for a mandatory period of 30 days so that no objection is filed in the Copyright office against your claim. In case any objection is filed, the Registrar of Copyrights after giving an opportunity of hearing to both the parties, may decide to register the work or otherwise.

If no objection is filed the application is examined by the examiners. If any discrepancy is found the applicant is given ordinarily 45 days’ time to remove the same. Therefore, it may take around 2 to 3 months’ time for registration of any work in the normal course. The cooperation of the applicant in providing necessary information is the key for speedy disposal the matter.

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