Shareholders Agreement

Document Overview

A Shareholders Agreement will help set the terma and conditions between shareholders and the founders of your company. Although founders and shareholders are in good terms now, sometimes running a company will put a strain on that relationship. A Shareholders Agreement helps protect your interests in these situations. If disagreements arise, it can be very helpful to have a clear idea of what the parties agreed to before the dispute, or before something changes one shareholder's ability to continue working in the company. ​

Note: This Shareholders Agreement does not contain vesting provisions for each of the shareholders. For vesting provisions use our Quick Quote feature.

Who should use Shareholders agreement:

  • You would like to lay down the rules between the shareholders of your company.

What does the Shareholders Agreement cover?

  • Who can be a shareholder
  • Who can serve on the board of directors
  • What happens if one of the shareholders becomes impaired or dies
  • What happens if a shareholders files for bankruptcy, resigns, retires or is fired
  • The share value for company stock
  • Who will be required to purchase the shares of a shareholder who's leaving
  • How much will be paid for the purchase of such shares

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