Founders Agreement

₹ 9000

(includes all govt. fees)

Very useful to avoid conflict and to define roles withing founders.

  • Founders Agreement is a contract that company's founders enter into that governs their business relationships. The agreement lays out the rights, responsibilities, liabilities and obligations of each founder.

Shareholders Agreement

₹ 15000

(includes all govt. fees)

SHA secures the rights of both shareholders and the founders

  • SHA is an arrangement among the company's shareholders, describing how the company should be operated along with shareholders rights and obligations. The agreement also includes info about privileges and protection of shareholders.

Term Sheet

₹ 12500

(includes all govt. fees)

Term sheet lays out basic conditions of investors

  • A Term Sheet is a non-binding agreement setting forth the basic terms and conditions under which an investment will be made. A Term Sheet serves as a template to develop more detailed shareholders agreement.