Public Limited Company

Public Limited Company, the most popular legal structure for businesses, should be chosen by anyone planning to list the company and with a long term business view. A Public limited company can be incorporated with minimum 3 directors and maximum unlimited number of shareholders. A owners of Public limited company have limited liability to creditors. In case of a default, banks / creditors can sell only company’s assets but not the personal assets of a directors.

Established businesses usually prefer Public Limited company because it is easy to raise funds from venture capitalists. The tax rate for the Public limited company is also less compared to LLP. Company Registration in India can be done through BusinessSetup in all major cities including Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune etc.

Why Choose Public Limited Company Registration?

  1. Easy to list the company
  2. Limited Liability
  3. Can issue ESOPs to employees

Why not choose a Public Limited Company?

  1. The compliance cost is a bit high
  2. Majority directors consent needed to take decisions
  3. Cannot transfer the shares easily

What are the minimum requirements for Company registration?

  1. Minimum 3 directors
  2. Only 7 shareholder
  3. At least 1 resident Indian director

Factors which are important to decide the name of the Company

There are certain rules laid down by the government to decide the name of the company. The name should be unique so a s to avoid the rejections. Following are the important guidelines for selecting the name of the company:

The name of the company should have the meaning or relevance. It should is no way hurt any sentiments.

The name of the company mustn’t be the same or identical to an already existing company or a trademark. One must preferably avoid the plural version.

The name of the company shouldn’t be against the law. It shouldn’t be abusive or against customs and the beliefs of any religion.

The name of the company cannot be an abbreviation. It should be a complete word.


Yes, any of your relative can be a director in company.
Yes you can register a company at your residential address.
Minimum 2 directors are required to register a company.
No, a single person cannot register a private limited company, but he can register a One Person Company
No, there is no requirement of minimum capital. You can start a company with as low as Rs 100.

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