Foreign Subsidiary Company/Company with foreign Directors

Step 1

Application of digital signature for the proposed directors: You need to courier us the completed form along with notarised and apostilled copy of passport, photo and address proof.

Step 2

Preparation of MOA and AOA of the company: Our lawyers prepare the basic charter of your company. We send it for your review and make the changes if any.

Step 3

Application for company registration: We submit all the documents to the government authorities. Once its approved we get the certificate of registration.

Step 4

Opening of bank account: We help you with all the documentation needed for opening a bank account

Step 5

Issue of share certificates and RBI compliances: Once you deposit the share application money in your ban account we issue you share certificates and complete the RBI compliances.

Documents of a foreign national

  • Copy of passport duly attested by foreign notary and apostiled
  • Any utility bill not older than 6 months duly attested by foreign notary and apostiled

Documents of Foreign Company

  • Duly attested by Embassy or foreign notary and apostiled
  • Duly attested by Indian Embassy or foreign notary and apostiled

Documents of a Indian Director

  • Copy of PAN card
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of electricity bill/mobile bill/bank statement or telephone bill not older than 2 months

Documents for company address

  • Electricity Bill/Phone Bill
  • NOC/Rent agreement

Whats Included?

  • DIN and DSC of all the directors
  • Drafting of MOA and AOA
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • PAN and TAN
  • RBI compliances
  • Assistance in bank account opening
  • Issue of share certificates
  • Appointment of Auditor
  • RBI Compliances

The foreign companies or individuals can register the subsidiary company or an independent company in India. Private Limited company is the most ideal structure to get started. The process is completely online and can be completed in 30 Days.

Tech companies and startups usually prefer Private Limited company because it is easy to raise funds from venture capitalists. Also funds can be raised through SAFE agreement. The tax rate for the private limited company is also less compared to LLP. Company Registration in India can be done through BusinessSetup in all major cities including Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune etc.

Our Offering

End to end Business Setup

Setting up your Indian entity is simple with us; we first advice and assess to help you define where to register and why, then we deal with the bureaucratic aspects of the process for you, including liaising with India officialdom. Finally, you are ready to legally trade, and as part of the service, we even support operational day to day business practicalities such as the opening of bank accounts.

  • Advice on which Indian state and entry method to register – so you avoid costly mistakes.

  • Registration and Incorporation – expert guidance from your India market entry consultant to get the necessary registrations.

  • Navigate India Bureaucracy – our team deal with Indian officialdom on your behalf.

  • A temporary or permanent address –secure and fit out real estate when it suits you.

  • Complete Business Set Up solution – so you can hit the ground running.

  • Flexible aftercare packages – we can run your first board meeting in India.

Market Entry Structures

Description Advantages Disadvantages Other Comments
Branch Office
  • An extension of Foreign set up in India, which can undertake some but not all of the same activities as Foreign company. The scope of its permitted activities will be determined by the permission that is granted by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
  • Can perform some revenue generating activities in India, unlike a liaison office (see below).

  • It is a separate legal entity for certain purposes.
  • Foreign Company may be exposed to unlimited claims and liabilities in India owing to branch office operations.

  • Restrictions on range of activities, which are subject to RBI approvals.

  • Formalities and legal set-up costs are involved.
  • Several airline and shipping companies have established Indian branch offices.

  • Tax structuring possible as branch office is taxed separately in India. The rate of tax is higher than the rates applicable to companies.
Liaison Office
  • Set up primarily to give an India face to Foreign Company and for marketing purposes.
  • Fewer ongoing formalities although there are set-up costs.

  • No separate legal entity but does provide a formal presence for in India.
  • Cannot trade or generate revenue in India.

  • Foreign Company may be exposed to claims and liabilities in India.
  • Must be funded by Foreign Company only.

  • Minimum period of profitability and net worth requirement.
Subsidiary Company
  • Set up primarily if the Foreign wants to start the operations in India.
  • Can be setup under automatic route and no approval from RBI required in most cases.

  • A separate legal entity status and all the compliances with Indian law are required.
  • Can carry all the activities as permitted.
  • Subsidiaries are generally preferred by manufacturing and IT companies.

ANALYSIS: Generally foreign companies register a subsidiary company as it can be incorporated without any specific permission from the Government. Also, it is easiest structure to incorporate and can be incorporated within 15 days.

Case Studies

  • Assisted a French Conglomerate to setup a company and with accounting, tax and compliance support services.

  • Assisted a French Conglomerate, one of the largest yeast manufactures of world to set up a subsidiary in India. Helped them with drafting employee agreement, assistance in getting a office space and provided them with directorship services.

  • Assisted a German based manufacturing company with accounting, tax and compliance support services.

  • Assisted a German company setup a subsidiary company in Pune. Helping them with all the legal, book keeping and secretarial services.

  • Assisted a Australia based IT company with accounting, tax and compliance support services.

  • Assisted a Australian company Right from finding a office space to preparing a monthly management report for the parent company.


Our 18 years of combined experience in the Indian market helps you develop the right India market entry strategy for your business. Our consultants have wide-ranging experience helping Foreign companies like yours with their market entry strategy, so our support and advice helps you to achieve your goals.

Our executive team brings first-hand experience of doing business in India. So we understand how to help you overcome the challenges you face entering the market and developing your India business.

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